train up a child… again

There is an interesting thing that happens when you become the parent of a toddler. Multiple things, really, but the one that I’m talking about is you suddenly care deeply about toilet training. I just lost 10 male readers. Hey, hang on! I’m not gonna be graphic, sheesh.

But really. There comes a point where you are changing diapers and the kid is narrating. That’s too old to be wearing a diaper. The problem is, pee. They just pee everywhere, like animals. Is this too graphic? I have lots of friends who talk openly about numero dos, so you should be thankful I’m a Puritan.

One of my kids will likely never be toilet-trained, despite the valiant efforts of his teachers at school, who send home bags of soaked clothes every day after failed attempts all day long. It’s not his fault, it’s his brain’s fault, and I can take that.

But there’s one more kid here at my house that needs to be trained. And really, she’s not because I give up too easily. So, I’m turning over a new leaf, again. Tomorrow we go cold turkey. Probably.

Because there’s this part of me that thinks, oh, she’ll figure it out by herself when she’s good and ready, and then another part of me that thinks, holy moly, I am passing the window of opportunity and ruining her life.  


5 thoughts on “train up a child… again

  1. -liz- says:

    If only we could all write about pee and make others read it.


  2. Joy! says:

    JESS… Its ok honey….. DEPENDS come in all sizes… they are so well made now a days that her friends will never know…..


  3. Beth says:

    Puritan. Funny.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry she will figure it out if you leave her alone. Try waiting till kindergarten…-G


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