put a hat on it…

We stocked up on hats today at the Dollar Tree. Why’s that? maybe you’re asking. I’ll tell you. On the way home from Texas, R2 decided to pull out a large section of his hair, leaving an amazingly smooth bald spot at the back of his head. How did this happen? It’s a good question. I think it was a perfect storm. First, he got bit by fire ants, a lot, on his hands. We didn’t notice the bites, and he didn’t make a sound. Then, we drove for 14 hours. I noticed him pulling his hair, but he does that all the time and it doesn’t usually come OUT. So it wasn’t until we were back in KC that we found the bald spot. 
It just made me feel sick. There is something so frustrating and painful about not being able to prevent your child from hurting himself. We’ve dealt with it for years with self-injury, and have finally gotten a grip on that, just to have the hair-pulling start.  
My strategy for coping has been trying to not let him out of my sight, ever, and to constantly tell him to stop pulling his hair. That was CRAZY making. Today, I went up to his school for a meeting and they had a hat on him. Voila! He will be wearing hats at home for the next month until we get into the behavioral specialist. Sheesh. 

In other news, baby presents! Wheee! Caution: Toby filmed this, and it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. 

4 thoughts on “put a hat on it…

  1. CrystalD says:

    yay presents! COOL hat R2!


  2. Joy! says:

    this is going to be the longest most exciting Baby Shower ever.I have never ever heard of such a thing but it is a great idea!R2 in hats is a very cool thing….. Tobias did a great job of producing this flick and Vanna I mean Brynn did a great job of presenting the trash bags


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