naps and the space time continuum

My husband came back today. He was gone for a week, either visiting his other families in New Mexico and Arizona, or rocking out for Jesus. I choose to believe that his band wouldn’t be down for 20 hour driving days just to visit Richy’s secret kids.

Anyway, he’s home today and I have been so, so glad all day that I’m married to a guy I  like so much and that he is in the same city as me. He took an overnight flight to be here this morning since I was pretty much breaking down via baby stress, and I knew the lack of sleep was going to put him out of commission. The MOG has a very delicate time-meter. He is deeply affected by time zone changes and things like Daylight Savings.

Two kinds of people in this world: those who take naps and those who don’t. I imagine in some couples, there are 2 nappers, and every day there is a cozy little 15 minute siesta where everyone wakes up cheerful. We are not that couple. For the first 10 years, I fought the nap. “You don’t need a nap.” I would say sardonically. (what a delicious word) He would argue that indeed, he did need a nap, and then he would go lay down and I would slam cabinets and play music. If this kind of rebellion rocks you to the core, wait a couple years. Marriage makes you happy, and marriage makes you mean.

Eventually, I gave up. I don’t fight the nap, and he tries to nap somewhere I won’t see. It works. Today, we ran errands for a long time, and also there have been 2 naps. Really, he flew overnight from a different time zone, plus he just got off a tour, and Daylight Savings. For some people, that’s like traveling back 30 years in a Delorian, kind of dating your mom, saving the clock tower and then coming back. Exhausting. I expect him to be back to normal by Sunday. Then the baby will come and no one will sleep ever again, at least where I can see them.

In other news: baby presents! (not pictured: the gift card from Randy &Crystal- thanks!!) If you want to send something for the baby, the link is over on upper left sidebar- I’m sure he’ll appreciate it when he does things besides sleeping and crying. đŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “naps and the space time continuum

  1. you talk about your hubby like you really love him and you are not annoyed with him at all for anything under the sun and he really is your best friend and it warms my heart. I know that all these things are always true… its just that when he is on the road your heart longs for him and it is so sweet…..Hey…. Is Seyemore going to have sock monkeys in his room? I do not like Sock Monkeys Jess and I know that you would like me to come up and visit and turn back into Super Bedste so could you please keep all sock monkeys out of the house or at least hide them, They cause night mares…. you do not need sock monkeys,, I'm just sayin!


  2. bedste… bad news. we are decorating his "room" with monkeys. Not sock monkeys, regular monkeys. Poco-pop will LOVE them.


  3. Anonymous says:

    jess, you are awesome. I sleep because I love you. – R1


  4. Poco Pop…….???!! What happened to Seyemore? I actually prefer Poco Pop to Seyemore…. but I will love him regardless


  5. I already fell in love with him when I saw his ultra sound pic….. He is such a Clark already


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