the rock gene

I think every parent has hopes that their kids will be a certain way. Richy and I used to joke about grounding our kids for making the football team, back when we were in high school and classist. We’re much more mature now. Still, honestly, there’s a part of me that really, really doesn’t want my kids to be nerdy. 
It’s okay if they’re holy, technologically advanced, eloquent and strangely polite. So, nerds. But not the other kind of nerd that eats their boogers and can’t find anywhere to sit in the cafeteria. Anyway, all that to say that when they show “cool” traits, we celebrate. 
The likelihood of Toby being a jock is becoming increasingly slim, as it is still difficult for him to walk from the couch to the door without falling down. I’ll still probably put him in kid sports, just to keep him off my bladder for 45 minutes a week, but, you know, I’m not really kidding myself. Maybe some late-breaking athlete gene will pop up. Maybe. 
For his birthday, I bought him an electric guitar from the thrift store. It cost me $1.98 and I never asked the MOG what it cost to repair, because, hey, $1.98! Score! 
And I am relieved to find, at least for now, that the songwriter/rockstar characteristic is good and strong. Also, maybe some kind of metal edge… time will tell.


2 thoughts on “the rock gene

  1. Brooks says:

    Okay… wow… now I see Toby like mog.. or is it mog like Toby… huh? LOL Honestly, I was half way thinking that what Toby was doing with the swinging of the guitar, was going to be Richy this past weekend at Cliffdale 🙂 I was like… "Oh God, if the Holy Spirit takes him for a ride, may he please put my guitar down first!" LOL I love you, guys! Keep rockin'


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