Spring fever. No, like FEVER.

I’m no history buff, but I can make a pretty safe hypothesis: I bet the Black Plague happened during a holiday. At least a weekend. Because children get very sick when the doctor’s office is closed.  

Another thing: when one kid gets sick, there’s some kind of secret signal to all the other children in the house: find the sick kid and lick them. Literally. Find their bacteria-ridden sippy cup and pass it around. Sneezing competition in each other’s faces? Oh heck yes!  Obtain their germs, that is the goal.

Brynn woke up from her nap at 4-something Friday with a fever of 103. She could have had a fever at 3, but the pediatrician would have been open then. She then went through a cycle of losing her fever and earache during the 4 hour periods our weekend walk-in clinic is open, and then as soon as hours were over, she’d get flaming hot, lose all the color in her face, and complain of pain in her ears, throat, stomach and emotions. 

Toby described similar maladies, although he didn’t really have a fever or anything. He felt remarkably improved when I gave him a Tums. Yeah, and I pretend to salt their food, too.

After a long and emotional weekend, I took them in this morning. As expected, Brynn has an ear infection and Toby is not sick. R2 didn’t go to the appointment, but I don’t think he’s sick. He’s just ticked about being forced to have spring break. You and me both, pal.


One thought on “Spring fever. No, like FEVER.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmmit is wednesdayhas black plague hit clarksvilleno new blogsblahsign me snarky anonmuahahahaha


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