boys and girls. but mostly sleep.

First, if you haven’t bought our new single on iTunes, you should go do that now. It’s the best 99¢ you’ll ever spend today.  *Click here to listen and BUY it.* Then come back. 

Today I spent the day with little boys. 5 year olds, to be exact. 3 of ’em. Boys are not that complicated. If that is hugely offensive to you, you are probably not male. These little guys do exactly what most big guys do. They meet, greet and then get to work on whatever activity has brought them together. 

I just spent 30 minutes trying to write a blog about how boys are different than girls, but my brain is too tired and I am full of bologna, in a figurative sense. In a literal sense, I haven’t eaten bologna since, like, 3rd grade or something. So I’m phoning it in, posting a video at 11:00 at night, just so I don’t skip Monday entirely here on the ol’ blogster. 


3 thoughts on “boys and girls. but mostly sleep.

  1. Lorri says:

    this is amazing. lots of chimp noises. very little talking. also, was that one child break dancing on the floor?!


  2. ♪essica says:

    not sure, but his opening moves were spellbinding.


  3. Katey says:

    Watching that, and knowing what's to come in the next 4+ years, I'm a little bit afraid and a lot excited. I'm already combating the butt noises that he makes with his mouth very LOUDLY in PUBLIC…and he's only six months old. Oh boys – such a noisy gift!


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