gonna win me that book

I was taught to read when I was 4.  As I grew, the questions grew. More than once as a preteen and teen I was flat-out accused of lying when I closed the book. I passed many spontaneous comprehension quizzes and learned to expect to be doubted. In 9th grade they clocked me at 700 words a minute. I’d brag about that if I had anything to do with it, but I inherited it from my dad. So, no credit. 
Today Toby discovered the reading program at the library. “If your mom reads you 24 books,” they said, “You will win a free book to keep!” And the lights went on. We came home and he went immediately to work. He has read 17 kid’s books in the last 30 minutes. Out loud. 
Will they believe him? Heck if I know. But if they try to deny him his prize, I figure it should only take about 45 minutes to prove it to them…

3 thoughts on “gonna win me that book

  1. MommyGray says:

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  2. MommyGray says:

    The teacher in me LOVES this post! I had a kindergartener a couple of years ago who was very similar. I kept having to send him all over school to read to people so they would believe me! Way to go, Toby!


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