the response

This weekend I got to sing in a stadium and had dinner a couple of yards away from Governor Perry, and today I have done a lot of yelling, “Go! Go to the bathroom! Run! Go NOW!” . This is the life.

The Response was great. It wasn’t a political event, it was a prayer meeting, and I know because I was backstage, where the people putting it together were praying. If Governor Perry runs for President, I’ll need to know more about him, but for now I am just very grateful that a political leader called a prayer meeting and we got to come to Texas and be a part of it. Reliant Stadium gave us a headcount of 44,000 and we saw a couple of dozen protestors, although if you read the Chronicle, I think they pretty much have those numbers reversed.

You can look around the interwebs and find pictures of my sister and her husband, blonde and distinct looking, praying on the front row. The camera loves ’em.

It was a beautiful day and I am really, really glad I got to go.


One thought on “the response

  1. Yeah blond and distinct. But I saw you; I was sitting on the stage far left right near the black curtain. I saw you praying for I was right behind you hoping our eyes would meet! I saw you!XOXOXOXO!


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