pow’r, pow’r, Superhero pow’r

“Believe in yourself and be filled with the power of Po…” Toby reads from a candy wrapper while strapped in his booster seat. 

I am concerned. I absolutely want Toby to believe in himself, both that he exists, and that he is smart and capable. The power of Po, though… that part worries me a little. 
I decide to have a Fundy Homeschool Moment. 
“Did you know, Toby,” I say, looking in the rearview mirror, “that you can be filled with the power of God, and you can do all kinds of things God can do? Like heal people, or walk on water…”
The feedback was immediate. 
Toby processes: “If I could walk on water, I could go in the deep end anytime I want.” 
Brynn jumps in “Jesus could- Jesus had magical flip flops so He can walk on the water.” 
Toby scoffs. “No, Brynn, He didn’t have magic flip-flops, water-walking is one of His powers.”
Brief scuffling about Jesus, resolved without bloodshed. See, Crusaders? See how easy that was?
Toby keeps thinking about it. “Can God fly?” he asks. I explain He could, if He wanted to. 
I try to redirect to the more typical examples of God’s superhero powers, like healing the sick, changing the weather, you know, easy stuff. Toby is unfazed. 
“Could God get Himself out of a hole, if He got stuck?” I doubt the likelihood of God getting stuck in a hole, but Toby argues, if He can do anything… I concede. 
“So, if I have the power of God, I can fly.” he concludes. I act like I’m listening to my GPS.
“If I am filled with the power of God,” he mutters to himself, “I can get an IronMan suit.” 
The next generation of young ministers might do some amazing things. I’ll be over here, pretending to read. 

3 thoughts on “pow’r, pow’r, Superhero pow’r

  1. Hahaha. Awesome. 🙂


  2. likeand today is catch up day but i don't have many comments… ( just a headache… )MUAH!


  3. Watch out Benny Hinn! Wooo


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