What I did on my Autumn Desolation

Some of you know that I have been engaged in the dark night of the soul lately, and by dark night, I mean, the death of my trusty old laptop and, simultaneously, the death of a computer I could type on. It’s a uniquely first world lament. Or maybe it’s not, maybe some third world countries have laptops and blogs and they, too, would mourn their separation from their literary vehicles. I can’t say, because I am not a third world, or even a second world (is that a thing? to be googled) country, and therefore cannot speak for them. Did you miss these wordy intros? Because I might never stop typing.

Anyways. iBlanca died, and we discussed options, like selling our appendixes or some such in order to procure another computer, but then my friend offered their gently used laptop and I accepted her offer with massive amounts of joy, via text message. Lots of smiley faces and exclamation points. So now I am back in business, and I feel an obligation to mankind or at least a couple of you to write a book now, because it was kinda like a near-death experience where I realized what life was like when I couldn’t type my blatherings for humanity and so I have to carpe the dang diem and do something worthwhile with this awesome gift, and by gift, I mean the computer, not my writing chops.

It’s been about 2 weeks, and I have had many an amusing experience, as I am wont to do. I don’t know if I’ll try to remember those or just forge ahead to the amusing experiences I am presently enjoying. Oh! And I had a birthday week and a birthday party, and those need to be recorded for posterity, assuming posterity doesn’t live in some kind of post-apocalyptic world without electricity and the internet and stuff. I’ve lived in that kind of world this last 2 weeks, and I definitely don’t want posterity to experience the horror. 

Which reminds me: Halloween. And the rambling reminds me of when the MOG used to go on tour for weeks and weeks and I just repeated like 3 phrases for those weeks to tiny humans, “Don’t put your mouth on that!” “Why did you pee there?” and “No.” but then he’d come home and I would tell him 100,000 words while he tried to sleep. That’s what I’m like with you people, I have things to say. And say them I will, in the days to come.


One thought on “What I did on my Autumn Desolation

  1. Joy! says:

    LIKE! You are BAAAACCKKK! Yippeeeeee


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