halloween and my salvation and stuff

I’m not sure if I’m getting more mature or backsliding. I tend to think I am backsliding and am one Hulu episode away from trading in my Salvation card and being dragged to hell by a teenage boy in a black robe. My eternal perspectives might have been badly skewed by years of involvement in Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flames No Punctuation.

My faith is not in question here, at least to me. I still believe Jesus is the only way to heaven and He lived a sinless life and we should shoot for that and all the other stuff in the Apostle’s creed, with the exception maybe of the bit about the Catholic church, because I don’t know how I feel about the Catholic church and am hesitant to throw my allegiance in there all helter-skelter.

What is in question, at present, is Halloween. I was raised in some Charismania, and we watched videos about covens and demons that came out at night and pedophiles, spending their October days filling peppermints with razor blades and so on. And even as I write this, I’m kinda like, but that stuff is true… So anyway, my parents didn’t necessarily worry about all that, but we stayed home on all Hallows Eve and I listened to many a Carman song while waiting for it to be over so I could go to school and eat my friend’s candy.

And then I had kids, judgy ones and also, Halloween got hecka creepier, what with the neighbors putting coffins all over their yard and people just decorating with serious grossness, like 4 year olds don’t ride in cars and look out windows, and it all just made me mad. So I wish we could skip the whole thing, but I love fall and pumpkins and dressing up, so we participate in a removed way, with “Fall Festivals” at churches and what-not, and I’m kinda like, well, we might as well call it Halloween, or else we could just have it in July or something, but, you know, whatever. CANDY.


6 thoughts on “halloween and my salvation and stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know, Catholic just means, like, "unified." The apostles creed isn't specifically about the current catholic church, but the catholic church took their name from it. Does that make sense?P.S. Totally agree, halloween is yucky now.


  2. cbrueggie says:

    the above poster is correct, catholic means "unified" and Catholic is the denomination. However, I like that you know you don't know much about it! better than bashing with a small amount of knowledge.


  3. Anonymous says:

    i love how anonymous writes ""but the catholic church took their name from it" like it as last year! It was 2012 years ago! It was THE CHURCH. Jess, I totally understand your reservations/concerns about Halloween, not sure where throwing the Catholic Church in the equation comes in, and I dont think that was what the blog entry was meant to be about. Just had to respond to the anonymous person comment. Peace! Love ya!


  4. I love me some Catholics, just kidding around, per usual 😉


  5. Anonymous says:

    I love your writing — I'm sure I'm not the only person who has told you that you should write a book (in your spare time, LOL). But I'm commenting today just to reassure you that the reference to the catholic church is the apostles' creed does NOT refer to the Roman Catholic Church but simply means catholic as in universal. Technically you will also notice that it has a lowercase 'c' in the word catholic. So with all the huge worries on your plate, at least you no longer have to worry about that one. — Ann J.


  6. Anonymous says:




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