redux: Admonitions to the Children of Clark

As I am/was scrolling through old posts to see which ones sound like they belong in a book that I will someday write, I came across this one and wanted to throw it out here again, because these posts are kind of like children to me, and this sentence is getting ridiculous so I’m gonna cut it short.

Without further ado, Admonitions to the Children of Clark:

If the room is made dirty, who then shall clean it? For you say, “It was not I who dirtied the room!” Yea, even with marker stains on your hands you say these things, even when the wall testifies against you. It is not to me to clean the room, for I am your mother, and indeed, you should obey my commandments, lest a curse fall upon you, the curse of being grounded from PBS kids.

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One thought on “redux: Admonitions to the Children of Clark

  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been my all-time favorite. I share it with my young mommy friends. :)Jenn's Mom


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