(partial) day in the life of Tristan

I documented pieces of Tristan’s day today. I didn’t get much of the morning because my brain doesn’t think of ideas till lunchtime. Well, it thinks of some ideas, but mostly just ideas about eating things. Let me preface this by saying, Tristan is a rascal. 

No nap, no patience. Waiting in line for T&B is too.much. 
I neither authorized nor endorsed this activity, in fact, I hid the cat carrier after this incident. Also after I photographed it. 
Nap-a? Not for-a me, stereotypical Italian accent baby-guy
Haven’t you ever said, “Let’s just put a box on our head and climb out the window”?

Chicken nuggets and fries on a paper plate. #parenting
Dipping chicken nuggets in your water? #tristan

Bathtub serenade
Sleepy but holding strong
He didn’t have a nap today, which is why he’s already sound asleep. Hang on for a second while I laugh myself into a hysterical fit. There, done. He’s still going strong. Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE TWO. It’s just funny, that’s all. Good night. 

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