When it’s too dark to see


The more I thought about, the more profound it became. Not in a “obviously my child is an angel genius” way, but more, “wow, there’s something there.”

I know there are days I want to hide under the bed. I’m sure you do too. Maybe today is one of those days for you.

I eschew the “millennials are the specialest snowflakes and no one has ever been specialer” line of thinking and YET I want to tell you the truth, you’re special. God created you with INTENT, and we need you. You, in your God-designed uniqueness, with your flaws and your gifts. We need you. “I remembered how cute I look,” she said, and I am challenging you to remember that you matter.

You were designed for something. No one is a mistake, even if they’ve been told that by broken humans. No one is too far gone, no one is alone on this planet. We need each other, we need all the pieces of the puzzle.

When it’s very dark, it’s hard to remember who you are, what you look like. I have been there, in those underground tunnels of life, waiting for light. I know it’s hard. Consider me a voice from above ground, telling you there is still light up here, and it will not always feel like this. There will be light again.

“People need to SEE me,” she said. We need to see you. Come out of hiding, come out of your cave of fear and doubt. You’re beautiful and you belong.


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